Berlin Läuft-Cup

Berlin läuft! (Golazo Sports GmbH) is organising the BERLIN LÄUFT-CUP in every year since 2008.

The best participants of the three Berlin läuft! races (Airport Night Run, S 25 Berlin, The Great 10k Berlin) are qualified for win seats in the BERLIN LÄUFT-CUP. There are no additional fees to pay to the respective running start fees for the BERLIN LÄUFT-CUP.


A seperate registration is not necassary. You just have to fulfill a successful participation (finish) at all races, irrespective of the completed running rating. The current status inside the BERLIN LÄUFT-CUP-rating you can see after every race on our website.
The rating takes place in the respective competitions (excluded are seasons), irrespective of the selected single route length. The rating is based on the basics of the age category rating of the German Athletics Association, seperated by female and male. Each achieved space digit in the age group will converted in points. Who has the lowest number of points out of the three races is the winner. At equal points decides the best time ot the 10 km-run at The Great 10k Berlin. At the end the appreciation is independed of age!

The places 1 -10 female and male of the BERLIN LÄUFT-CUP-appreciation will awarded.


The ceremonie for the BERLIN LÄUFT-CUP takes place on the day of The Great 10k Berlin, 14.10.2018, after event end.
Winner of the places 1-10 (male & female) have the chance for great prices!