About Us

Berlin läuft! was founded in 2008 and has become one of the biggest running event organisers in the capital. In 2014 Berlin läuft! and the Belgian sports marketing agency GOLAZO joined forces in Germany pursueing the goal to pass on the enthusiasm of sports. Golazo Sports can be found in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain and organises over 200 major sporting events as well as big events per year. The great internation standing of the Golazo group -moving over 500.000 participants every year- enhances the focus of running of “Berlin läuft!” and also supports the engagement in other sports disciplines in Germany.

The history of Berlin läuft! started with the take over of the well-known 25k run of Berlin, formerly known as “25km de Berlin” or “Franzosenlauf”. Today Berlin läuft! organises eight annual races in Berlin and Brandenburg involving more than 40.000 runners.

Including distances of 5 k, 10 k, half marathon, 25 k and since 2015 also a marathon, individually or as a relay, the organiser provides a wide range of options for all levels of runners: beginners, recreational or ambitious ones and pro athletes. Due to the organisation of two running trainings per year, runners also have the opportunity to prepare themselves for the specific running events. In addition to its own events, Berlin läuft! also offers companies the service to arrange events on their behalf.


Berlin läuft! Facts

In-house events: Airport Night Run, S25 Berlin, Tierparklauf, The Great 10k Berlin

Running training: Berlin Lauftreff in spring and autumn

Participants: over 40.000 runners per year

Kids runs: from 400 to 2.500 m, athletics for children

Participants kids runs: over 1.500 children and youth

Volunteers: over 1,000 volunteers

You can find our team here: Hanns-Braun-Str 1, 14053 Berlin. We are available Monday to Friday (10:00-16:00) in person, via email info@berlin-laeuft.de or by phone 030 / 30 111 86 16 . Furthermore you can find us on Facebook and Instagram.