Dear runners,
dear sponsors, partners and supporters,

a couple of days ago we sadly already had to inform you that the S 25 Berlin will most likely not be able to take place on May 3rd, 2020 as planned due to the ongoing ban on events. Today, the Berlin Senate decided that all events with more than 5,000 people will be banned until October 24, 2020. Unfortunately, this also applies to the S 25 Berlin, which therefore definitely cannot take place on May 3, 2020 as planned. Even worse, our alternative date, which we have tried to organize in parallel since the beginning of the pandemic, falls within this period, so we unfortunately have to rethink the options we wanted to offer you.

In the next few days we as a team will once again discuss the possible alternative scenarios and then send you an email with all information on how we will proceed.

We know that we are putting your patience to the test in this difficult time. Also for us, this is an unprecedented exceptional situation. Please continue to give us time to be able to offer you a suitable alternative and until then, please refrain from contacting us by email, phone, contact form and via social media channels. Since we are currently in short-time work, this way you will help us to speed up our work and communication with all of you.

We wish you a lot of strength during this time and stay healthy.

Your Berlin läuft! team



Dear runners,
dear sponsors, partners and supporters,

we have of course also followed the results of the consultation between the Chancellor and the Heads of State this afternoon. Among other things, it was announced that the contact restrictions imposed in March will remain valid and will be extended until May 3. Furthermore, due to the corona pandemic major events should be prohibited until August 31. However, specific regulations, such as the size of the events, are yet to be made by the federal states. Of course, we do not expect the run to take place as planned and we hope that we will have the appropriate declaration from the state of Berlin in the next few days.

As soon as this is available, we will of course act accordingly and then inform you about the corresponding options.

As already mentioned, this is also an absolute exceptional situation for us. Since the outbreak of the crisis, we have been trying to find alternative solutions for this event that do justice to all runners and at the same time allow us to continue organizing events in the future.

We will of course inform you in a timely manner what these solutions look like and what steps you have to take so that everything can be done in an orderly manner. But you can expect that there will be various options, from converting to shop credit, moving to a later date, or switching to another event at a later date.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, keep well!

Your Berlin läuft! Team

PS: we know that you currently have a lot of questions, but please refrain from contacting us via email as much as possible about the topics mentioned above. We will collectively provide you with all information as soon as we can offer concrete and – above all – reliable options.



Dear runners,
dear sponsors, partners and supporters,

The corona virus is currently changing lives dramatically. New information and figures are published almost every hour. Stricter containment measures are being introduced.

The resulting uncertainty also concerns us, while we have been preparing for our big anniversary event for months.

We are in constant and close contact with the responsible authorities in Berlin and will of course keep you up to date if there are any changes to the event.

Many thanks at this point for your patience and also for all your support messages in the past few days.

Let’s keep together during this time and stay healthy!

Your Berlin läuft! – Team