VOLVO Tierparklauf



Registration fee 10k 5k Generation Team
Until 31.12.2018: 18.00 EUR* 15.00 EUR* 25.00 EUR*
Until 24.03.2019: 22.00 EUR* 18.00 EUR* 30.00 EUR*
Until 30.06.2019: 26.00 EUR* 21.00 EUR* 35.00 EUR*
Until 04.09.2019: 30.00 EUR* 25.00 EUR* 40.00 EUR*
Late Registration: 35.00 EUR* 30.00 EUR* 45.00 EUR*

Timekeeping (Obligatory), ChampionChip Rental: 6.00 EUR **

Kids run ca. 1.4k (9 to 12 years: born between 08.09.2010 and 09.09.2006)
Bambini run ca. 700m (5 to 8 years: Born betwen 08.09.2014 and 09.09.2010)

until 04.09.2019: 4.00 EUR
afterwards: 5.00 EUR

Event Shirt: 20.00 EUR

Medal engraving
for 5k and 10k (name and time): 8.00 EUR
for Kids and Bambini run (name): 4.00 EUR

Money back guarantee: 6.00 EUR

* The participation fee can not be reimbursed according to our terms and conditions

** The return of the ChampionChip will take place on the day of the event until 15.00. The participant authorizes the organizer to withdraw € 25.00 if the chip is not returned in time.

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If you bring at least 15 participants we will grant you a discount of 10% on the participant fee. Please send a mail to to get more information.


We offer our participants a comprehensive start package:


All registered runners will receive their event ticket with their personal start number by e-mail about 10 days before the event. With this e-mail you can pick up your personal starting documents at the starting document outlay (more information here).

The start tickets will be issued only on presentation of the event ticket! Collectors can collect the starting documents of their groups (from 10 participants). On request we prepare the bundled collection.If it is not possible for you to come personally on the days of the starting document outlay, you have the possibility to have the documents collected by a friend or acquaintance. In this case the presentation of the event ticket is sufficient! A power of attorney is not required.


You can transfer your starting place for another 5.00 €. You can enter the participant exchange via your user account. To do so, click on “Transfer location” in the event overview in the last column. Your registration will be canceled and the new participant will receive a free start code to register online for the event. The 5.00 € conversion fee will be debited from the account of the new participant.All additional services will be refunded. The new participant must book all desired services, such as the chip, the event shirt, the medal engraving, etc.If you do not have a user account, please create one and send an e-mail to with the request to link your login to the event with your user account. At the start number, the participant exchange is possible via a form, which is issued at the help desk.Fee: 5 €


With the online registration, the participant confirms that he / she is in agreement with the conditions of participation.