In cooperation with our partners Tip Berlin and Olympiapark Berlin we have created the possibillity to prepare for the 10 km-distance at the S 25 Berlin on 6th may 2018 and at The Great 10k Berlin on 8th october 2018. While the 10 weeks before event, you get the chance for training in Olympiapark Berlin every wednesday. Devided into 3 groups our runners will cared for by our professionell coaches (Bernd Hübner; even experienced marathon runner).


Date & location

The running training for the S 25 Berlin 2018 is taking place from 14th march to 2nd may 2018 and goes from 18 to 19.30 o´clock in Olympiapark every wednesday. The access occur about the Hanns-Braun-Straße, gate east.

The running training for The Great 10k Berlin 2018 is taking place from 15th august to 10th october 2018 and goes from 18 to 19.30 o´clock in Olympiapark also every wednesday.


Participation fee

The participation free is 4.50 EUR per appointment; for 10 appointments in total 45.00 EUR. The running training you can only book as total event; a booking from individual appointments is not possible.



You can sign in for the running training about the online-registration in our shop.



1. Beginner*: Even young or old – everybody, who want to start running is wellcome. A professional coach will take a look at the general athletic and the basics in running. The participation is for subscriber from vintage 2007 and older.

2. Advanced*: Subscriber in this group should run for half an hour without a break. As part of this running training the engineering school stands in the foreground. The participation is for subscriber from vintage 2003 and older.

3. Professional*: Subscriber in this group should run a road running over at least 10 km last year. In this group of ambitious the main point is the condition with interval runs and suchlike. The participation is for subscriber from vintage 2001 and older.

*There are only limited places available!


Arrival to Olympiapark

The arrival is recommended with public transport, because of the limited parking places. As far as available, you can use the parking places on the public road terrain in the area Rominter Allee/Hanns-Braun-Straße.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Subway: With U2 to Olympiastadion Berlin. Leave subway station, go right in Rominter Allee and bend in left after ca. 300 m in Hanns-Braun-Straße. For more         300 m you will reach the gate east of the Olympiapark-terrain.



Every participation will be note. With eight times participation you can get a  free start about 10 km-distance at S 25 Berlin on 6th may 2018 or according to The Great 10k Berlin on 14th october 2018. For paticipation at event you need a seperate regsitration, you are not registrated for the race automatically just because you are registrated for running training. All information you will get by our employees on place.


Shower / locker / toilets

Showers, locker and toilets are available at terrain of Olympiaparks Berlin and will show all subscriber while the first time.

There is no liability for lost items.




Detailed information to the event you will get after the registration by e-mail.